Admin Team


Petra Morgan
Petra is a senior from Florence, SC. She majors in global studies and dance performance. Petra is a firm believer that eno-ing should be a sport. She always has a smiling face and a warm heart to welcome new members!
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Vice President

Hurst Jeffcoat
Hurst is a junior from Charleston, SC. He is a mechanical engineering major. He loves backpacking, being outdoors, and is also blind in his right eye.
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Suzanne Oliveira
Suzanne is a junior from New Haven, CT. She majors in music education (diversified track) with a performance certificate. Suzanne didn`t speak English until she started school! She loves to bake cupcakes, knit and crochet, and spend time with friends!
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Outreach Team

Event Coordinator

Lizzy Holladay
Lizzy is a junior from Irmo, SC. She majors in English, but her passion is in Linguistics and she wants to each English as a second language. Lizzy is also deaf in her left ear! Her hobbies include video games, playing guitar, and skipping class.
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Caleb Everson
Caleb is a senior from Williston, SC. He is a mechanical engineering major. He loves hiking, camping, hunting, and fishing! You can see Caleb playing the guitar in the worship band on Tuesday nights! Caleb is always open to meet new faces!
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Matthew Pace
Mathew is a senior(++) from Columbia, SC. He majors in retail management at USC. He sings in a bluegrass gospel group called Victorious Surrender and plays guitar on the side!
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Discipleship Team

Discipleship Coordinator

John Caddell
John is a sophomore from Mt. Pleasant, SC. He is a music theory major and eventually wants to work with a worship band at a local church. You can catch him playing the keyboard in the worship band. He loves to garden and play the tuba, as well as an instrument called the melodica!
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Women`s Ministry

Katie McKinley
Katie is a sophomore from Ravenel, SC. She is a biology major on the pre-med track. She is currently a CNA (certified nursing assistant) and will always ask to take your blood pressure to keep up her skills! She loves her dog, Finley, and her ducks, Huey, Louie, Dewey, Puddles, Donald, Daisy, and OJ.
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Men`s Ministry

Joseph Sanders
Joseph is a sophomore from Blackville, SC. He is majoring in business economics. You can also see him playing bass guitar in the worship band on Tuesday nights! Joseph is a self-proclaimed genius who loves magic tricks, Superman, and eating peanut butter. He is always up to talk about anything at all, especially men`s ministry!
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Worship Team

Worship Leader

Nathan Crane
Nathan is a sophomore from Kyiv, Ukraine. He has a double major in Russian and media arts. You can see him on Tuesday nights with the worship band. He also runs his own production business!
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